“85 for 85” commemorative tree planting



Celebrate Chilliwack Rotary’s 85th birthday and honour a loved one

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The Rotary Club of Chilliwack is celebrating our 85th birthday in 2019. To celebrate, we’re offering the opportunity for community members to plant a tree commemorating a special person in their life. Our goal is to plant at least 85 trees this year.

Why plant trees? By planting at least 85 trees across Chilliwack, we will:

  • Beautify our community

  • Enhance our urban forest

  • Create desirable shade

  • Help produce more oxygen and sequester carbon

  • Create natural habitat for birds and pollinators

  • Leave a legacy for future generations

We’ve partnered with the City of Chilliwack, School District #33, and Sto:lo Nation to offer a number of public areas available for planting. Simply choose the type of tree, a location, a date and if the tree is to honour someone special in your life. We’ll arrange the rest and contact you when your tree is ready for planting. You can take part in the planting, or leave it to our volunteers.

We’re undertaking this project not only to celebrate our birthday, but also to celebrate the citizens of Chilliwack who have lived, loved and thrived in our community.

Trees are $185 each, and will come with a Gator bag to automatically water the tree. The trees will be maintained by our partners for the first two years after planting.

Join the growing list of people taking part in 85 for 85 by simply filling out the form below to purchase a tree.

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